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Simple Calendar starting from year 1901 with date of notes and Holidays with spinner button to change the years.

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Private Book Library

It is an excel workbook with three Libraries ( Three worksheets ). Each Library has up to 1,000 lines or can fill up to 1,000 books. Total of 3,000 books. Library titles are: A/A Book Title Ref. Number Subject Author Publisher’s Details Year of Publication Condition of Book Cover Current Price Printers Details No of copies Printed ISBN You can save the file as many times you want with different names.  

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Personal Tax Calculation

Cyprus Individual Income Tax Calculation Ver. 2017 01 This spreadsheet does the basic work AND its good enough to get an idea of what to expect. It lets you calculate how much tax, social insurance, Provident fund and other contributions are deducted from your salary when working in Cyprus. Enter your monthly gross salary and the rest is done automatically.   You can save the file as many times you want with different names.   Terms and conditions Limited Use…

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Multiplication Tables

One and two-way multiplication tables.
Numbers from 1 to 10
Classical multiplication method ( One-way)
and Two-way multiplication method. (Numbers appear only once)

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