We accept proposals for custom made spreadsheets

Spreadsheets with automation

All worksheets are automatically linked together so figures only need to be entered once!

We are happy to help you make your software that best fits your needs

Easy and powerful tools to control your money flows. They will help you to stop wasting your money and Start your Savings!

Simple Planning

Financial Planners

Easy to use excel based spreadsheets

  •  No new software to load or set up – start planning in seconds!
  •  Works online or offline
  • Excel based spreadsheets (works with all versions of MS Excel)
 Budget Planner
  1. Organize your monthly & annual spending
    (find out where all your money goes!)
  2. Track expenses monthly (or daily!)
  3. Compare actual income, spending and
    savings vs. budget
Simple Accounting Software 
  1. No fuss accounting software
  2. Straight forward transaction entry
  3. Custom reports
  4. Create invoices in seconds
  5. Generates full P&L Statements
  6. Excel based (no need for new software)
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